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The Pizza Maker

creates crisp perfect pizza in 5 minutes in your own kitchen

 JUST-PIZZA Pizza Maker

  • Cooks a pizza every 5 minutes
  • Stone reaches 285 degrees C in  5 minutes
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Fits in a standard cupboard
  • Sits on a kitchen bench, table or outdoor setting
  • Great for home, or caravan, boat or holiday house
  • Wondeful gift for families and perfect for wedding gifts.

The Pizza Maker Just Pizza Oven is specially designed  for cooking pizza, the fixed ceramic stone base allows you to cook a pefectly crisp pizza in around five minutes.

The key to cooking a crisp pizza is the stone base which will actually absorb some of the moisture from the base of your pizza ensuring you have an evenly cooked pizza right from the middle to the outside.

Don't be fooled by other imitation pizza ovens  on the market that do not have a stone base.

You can use many different bases in the Pizza Maker - Just Pizza Oven, from pitta bread pizza, fresh dough or frozen dough. It works equally well with lebanese bread or wraps as bases.  Why not use a bread maker or mix by hand to make a batch of fresh dough? You will be amazed at the results. A recipe for pizza dough is included in the manual.


The pizza maker is only $259.00. So why not order one today and get cooking!!Pizza Maker only available in New Zealand

Instruction Manual - Please click here


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